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Training Paradise’s soul aim is to encapsulate and combine what we believe to be the three essential aspects of a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle.
Exercise, nutrition and breathtaking experiences will be at the forefront of your holiday with us.

Training Paradise was founded to give you the opportunity to unplug from your daily routine or workload and to refocus on yourself. While still having plenty of time to soak up island life, train smart, eat well, relax and enjoy time to yourself, we are convinced that spending your time with us in Thailand is symbolic to finding the best you.

We guarantee that at the end of your holiday with us you will feel rejuvenated, fitter, stronger in mind and body and equipped with the skills needed to further your life changing journey.

With the help of our dedicated team and amazing trainers and practitioners, you will leave Training Paradise happier, healthier, full of energy, stronger in mind and body and ready to make some great changes.
You will have had such a great time with us that we are sure that Training Paradise will become your home away from home.



We have selected the best trainers and practitioners of the island to help you reach your goals and support you alongside this healthy journey.



Nutritionist & Fitness Trainer

Born in France, Serge graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and Nutrition. He specialised in weight loss and body transformation and became a happy owner of a Fitness center for women where he supported hundreds of people along their wellness journey.

He manages the daily schedule of the villa, runs the fitness and nutrition classes.



Fitness Trainer & Yoga Teacher
Life Coach Practitioner

Growing up in outback Australia, Sarah certified as a Fitness instructor and swim coach to help everyday people gain the benefits of movement.

Sarah also studied human behaviour and psychology to gain her qualification in Life Coaching and NLP.  She has been helping to change people’s lives through reprogramming their habits and behaviours and guiding them on a healthier food and exercise journey.



Sound Meditation & Yoga Teacher
Reiki and Sound Healing Practitioner

Originally from Ukraine, Anna connects with each client on special opening trusting way, which help them fully connect with self-acceptance, learn to balance emotions, energize their body, calm the mind and discover the essential of their life.

“I have a strong sense of justice, compassion, care and support and from here I create a safe and sacred space for your transformation.”



Meditation & Yoga Teacher
Breathing techniques Practitioner

Originally from Ireland, Maria has a passion for movement, her goal is to help her clients bring a sense of balance & empowerment to their lives by being aware of the breath and mind through movement & mediation.

“Let me help you find your breath.”



Hypnotherapist & Shamanic Healer Practioner

Sophie grew up in England and her journey of self-discovery has taken her all over the world – from hypnotherapists in the UK and Australia, to shamans in Lesotho and Bali, and Ayurvedic doctors and astrologers in India.

“It all starts with the self. Self-awareness is the key to self-mastery. We all have the ability to heal ourselves.”



Life Coach & Emotional Eating Healing Practioner

Born in Australia, Samantha is an experienced and certified life coach with more than one thousand hours of coaching experience. She can help you to create positive changes in your life and unlock your potential.

“I am particularly passionate about helping people improve the relationship they have with themselves and build their self-love, because I believe this lies at the heart of nearly every issue I’ve seen in my coaching career.”


Jon Snow

Nap expert & Pest Hunter

Originally from the streets of Phuket, Mr Snow is our expert in relaxation and nap time. He will show you the best spots of the Villa to have the perfect nap. A well-deserved happy life after his busy career as Lord Commander of the Training Paradise Night’s Watch (Game of Thrones).


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