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Training Paradise’s soul aim is to encapsulate and combine what we believe to be the three essential aspects of a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle. Exercise, nutrition and breathtaking experiences will be at the forefront of your holiday with us.

Each day will be spent in stunning surroundings within the island of Phuket with your base being the tropical town of Rawai.

Training Paradise was founded with the intention of delivering the best training and nutritional advice, imparting years of learning and to share life changing experiences with people that wish to embark upon a healthy journey or to enhance one in which they are currently undertaking. While still having plenty of time to soak up island life and enjoy time to yourself we are convinced that spending your time with us in Thailand is symbolic to finding the best you.

We guarantee that at the end of your holiday with us you will feel rejuvenated, fitter, stronger in mind and body and equipped with the skills needed to further your life changing journey.

We believe that what defines us is the quality found throughout our entire programs. Attention to detail and meticulous planning can be expected in every aspect. We have sincere aspirations to teach, support, motivate and create enjoyment for this life changing adventure you will have embarked upon.

Serge & HarryCo-founder


Harry-at-work-Training-Paradise Harry-day-off


Harry was raised by two Ironman triathletes who nurtured his passion for weight training at a young age. He began his career in the fitness industry working at a University Sports Centre campus. While he was there he had the opportunity to work with various sports clubs ranging from American Football teams to Surf Boat Rowers and was part of a group that conducted their pre season strength and conditioning.

From there he moved onto become the Fitness Manager at a Health Club and Spa in Falmouth, Cornwall UK. Here he helped develop other trainers, learnt how to manage a team of coaches, develop a successful class timetable and work with other departments to deliver a 5 star service to guests and members.

A love for tropical islands and exercise in the sun brought him to Phuket in 2015 where he worked as Head Trainer at a fitness camp delivering a wide range of group classes, designed and taught sessions on a 1 to 1 basis and supported and advised on nutritional planning.

On his day off you can find him relaxing in his hammock listening to reggae. He also likes to spend his time reading and exploring new secret spots hidden around the island.

Serge-at-work-Training-Paradise serge-day-off


Growing up in the South of France in Marseille, Serge spent his childhood between the sea and the mountains. Being a very active person, he developed an interest into sports which brought him to University where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and Nutrition.

He specialised in weight loss and body transformation and became a happy owner of a Fitness center for women where he supported hundreds of women along their wellness journey.

In 2013, Serge decided to start a new life in Phuket and worked in a renowned weight loss center as a Wellness Manager where he created and developed weight-loss and fitness programs.

Always working on his personal development and scientific nutrition knowledge, Serge has now acquired a strong background about health and diseases prevention.

On his day off you can find him in his garden playing his guitar and cuddling his cats. He also likes to calculate the calories of the delicious French cakes that his wife bakes and that you might be lucky enough to taste if you join us at Training Paradise.


Gina, Gig & Oi

When it came to building our team we knew exactly who we wanted and why. Pictures say 1,000 words and we hope that from this image you can see why we asked these wonderful people to join us. We’ve been lucky enough over the years to meet people in Rawai that are now friends and so our team is based upon a family approach made of people we know and trust and whom we have worked alongside in the past.

Gina is our Guest Relations manager and will be able to advise and assist you on any matters during your stay with us. She has a permanent smile, is a great tour guide and can teach you how to Squat or Deadlift better than many trainers!

Gig is our Chef and will be creating many of the delicious meals you’ll have here at the villa. She is able to prepare several dishes simultaneously and serve them all at the same time. Local Thai cuisine is her speciality and each meal is freshly prepared.

Oi will visit the villa throughout the week as part of our rest and recovery program. She is extremely talented in many styles of massage and so is able to send you to sleep with a relaxing oil massage to music or have you gripping the bed with a deep thai massage that is anything but relaxing but will leave you feeling more supple and open than you would have felt in years. You’re the boss so it’s up to you to tell her what you’re after.

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