Frequently Ask Questions

At Training Paradise Phuket we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer experience for every guest that walks through our doors.

7 days before your arrival you will receive a welcoming letter that will cover everything you need to know before joining us.

However, below we have covered some questions that we receive regularly.

Do I need to be super fit to come?

Not at all. Training Paradise is focused on you as an individual, all fitness levels are catered for through meticulous planning of nutrition and exercise regimes. Come with an open mind and a willingness to challenge yourself, the rest will be taken care of by us.

Is it mandatory to take part in the entire schedule?

Our training schedule is designed to provide you with all types of classes, personal training and group sessions so that you need not look anywhere else. Anything physical that the island can supply we have covered. However you can take part in as much or as little as you like. There will never be pressure to do anymore than you wish. If you fancy a day of island hopping and cocktails then you go for it. If you want to partake in every session than you are welcome every time.

What about the villa’s rules?

We want you to treat the place like it’s your home. We want every guest to be able to relax within the villa and its grounds. By this same token we would ask all guests to be aware of your other training partners. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy your holiday! Part of our core value is to have fun! We just ask that you don’t cause disruption or behave in a way that may cause offense to others.

Is there life outside the villa?

An abundance of it! Rawai and the surrounding towns contain some magnificent sights, landscapes and attractions for you. We have regular trips scheduled throughout the week to all of the best bits but if you ever fancied a stroll into town of an evening for a drink then we can recommend a number or bars, restaurants and beach hideouts for you to visit.

I will be coming solo. Is this okay?

Most people will come and train with us by themselves. It’s what creates such a unique experience. From the moment we pick you up at the airport you will be part of the Training Paradise family which we hope will continue year after year.

You can also come come with your wife/husband and share great experience with the other guests of the villa.

Do you operate 7/7 days?

Unlike most of the fitness/weight loss centers of Phuket, we operate 7/7 that means that even on Sunday we will provide classes, activities and food. Even if we encourage a full days rest for our guests, at Training Paradise you will have the option to decide which day you want to rest.

If I stay less than 14 days, why will I not get a second body composition assessment?

The BIODY® coach is a performant bioimpedance analyser device that we use for each guest on the 1st day of their program to assess their body composition (fat mass, fat free mass, protein mass…). We will analyse the results, determine way for improvements and then, set up short and long terms goals.

However, if we understand that everybody will get excited about expecting physical improvements just after few days of hard training and good diet, we also know that Rome was not build in 1 day, and too often, we forget that the human body is like Rome… Therefore, we have to allow the physiological process do its work before to start seeing some body changes.

As precise and accurate as this device is, a normal use of bioimpedance-meters requires at least 14 days between two measurements to be able to read quantifiable and valid results. It is advised therefore that in order to eliminate the multitude of variables that occur during compositional change that 14 days is the most accurate time frame to operate within.

My current health status requires that I follow a certain type of diet, can I come?

Once your program is booked, you will receive an email containing a questionnaire that we ask you to fill out carefully and in which you will inform us about your diet specificities (lactose intolerance, gluten allergy…). It also gives you the opportunity to outline anything else you feel that is important and that will help to make your time with us as effective and enjoyable as possible. All information provided is kept securely and confidentially with no bias.

I am vegan, can I come?

We strongly do respect beliefs and visions of people whatever these beliefs and visions are. We truly would love to share our passion, knowledge and happiness with as many people as possible but we have to admit that at present, we are not able to provide enough diversified ingredients and nutrients to make sure vegans will reach their goal. Therefore we prefer to decline the opportunity to have more guests with us if we believe that we cannot help them fully enjoy our Training Paradise experience. That said, we stay positive for the future and we believe that we will be able to provide this experience to everyone in the near future.

Is it really all inclusive?

Yes! We  provide everything that is written in the “TP program” page:

fitness and education classes, activities like canoe, paddle boarding, climbing… (subject to weather), 3 meals per day with unlimited snacks and beverage 7/7, laundry, taxi from and to airport, transportation to all activities, 1 massage every 6 days, 1 individual coaching session, consultations, 1 body composition assessment… we also lend bicycle so you can enjoy the surroundings and our beautiful Nai Harn lake and beach.

What is the age range of the guests?

From the age of 18 years old, everyone can join the Training Paradise program. Experience shows that people who attend these kind of fitness/weightloss holidays are often between 30 to 50 years old. You will meet lots of interesting people, from the less to the fittest ones. Bear in mind that we accomodate a limited number of guest (7-8 max) sharing almost all the same mindset. so whatever your level, age and goals, you will always find a way to challenge yourself and people to support you. Although the guests come and go weeks after weeks, we always make sure that the atmosphere stays the same; warmhearted, carrying, motivating and fun.

Which results can I expect?

We can’t give you a specific number in terms of weight loss or muscle gain as the results will depend on many parameters like your current body composition, the length of your stay and your motivation regarding our exercise and diet recommendation. The important thing to be aware of is that during your program, your consultant would have setup achievable goals and would have give you the necessary tools and support so that once back home, you will be able to successfully continue what you would have started with us.

Do I need a Visa?

According to their country of origin, most people will have a 30-days entry permit upon their arrival in Thailand and delivered by the immigration services of the airport. An extension is also possible and can be done at the immigration office of Phuket town in exchange of a small fee. However, people from certain countries such as India, for example, will only be allowed to stay 15 days in the territory. Again, you can extend this authorization. In case of any doubt and to avoid any unpleasant surprises, we recommend you to contact the Thailand embassy of your country.