Begin to build the body
you’ve always wanted with our program



The Training Paradise Program is emblematic of utilizing your body, your mind and your surroundings to produce stunning results both outwardly and inwardly.

Our program strives to remove any guesswork concerning exercise and eating. Using both proven methods and pioneering approaches we consider our program to be the most exciting fitness holiday package available on the island.


Our all inclusive program


Our program is all inclusive to satisfy your body and mind. Together, we’ll improve your well-being, so you will look and feel incredible!

  • Your private room in our Training Paradise villa
  • A friendly driver with your safety as priority will chauffeur you from the airport to your Paradise Villa and return you to the airport at the end of your holiday.
  • 3 delicious meals per day and unlimited snacks, water and juices – A tasty and varied balanced à la carte menu to provide the necessary nutrients and sustain hard workouts.
  • Consultation – 1x at the beginning of your stay to establish exactly how to make your holiday a success and as you advance through your program, we can meet at anytime to adjust your diet or just discuss about your health journey.
  • Body composition assessment –  1x upon arrival to determine your fat and muscle mass, analyse your weak points and set up goals. (then 1 every 14 days program).
  • 1x massage therapy session every 6 days – To relax and recover from your training sessions.
  • Access to all Training Paradise fitness group classes – Hiit, Muay Thai, Yoga, Boot camp.
  • Access to all Training Paradise activities – Treks, Boat trips, Kayaking, Climbing, Workshops.
  • Unlimited laundry service – Same day return if you get it in early.
  • Access to all Training Paradise facility – Bicycle lend, swimming pool, library.
  • 1x individual coaching session – To enable you to perform exercises correctly that we will use in our classes.
  • Unlimited Happiness!
  • A lifelong link to support and motivation should you ever need it. Friendships formed at Training Paradise stand the test of time.



*Dependant on the tide
**Some class times may vary depending on instructor availability



Because our goal is to offer each of our guests the best of what the fitness industry produces both locally and globally, we decided to create a unique and personalized, state-of-the-art program.

Therefore the only aspect that requires you to do the thinking is how long you may wish to stay with us… everything else is taken care of. The more time that you are able to dedicate with us the greater the transformation.

The minimum to join us


“The world was created in 7 days”. It would be fantastic if we could transform your body in 7 days… but that is a claim that holds no truth. However, give us at least 7 days and we guarantee that you will feel different. This is the minimum required to break the daily routine, treat yourself, rejuvenate your body and kick start with some new healthy habits.

We believe that within 7 days you can achieve a dramatic difference to your mentality. Your mind will be clearer, thoughts more precise and you will have a more positive and confident outlook on any upcoming tasks or challenges that you may be facing at home. You will be able to execute a number of exercises correctly and will understand how to program them into your weekly routine. Our training methods in 7 days will leave you stronger and with greater conditioning.

Change your habits

Up to 13 DAYS

You will not only have the benefits mentioned beforehand but you will also notice physical changes to your body. Our training techniques will leave you considerably stronger and more mobile and flexible.

Your Aerobic fitness would have increased and your bodies ability to deal with the stresses of intense exercise will have improved.

Two weeks of tropical island life will declutter and destress your mind. However, if you want quantifiable results on your physique, we recommend you to book for at least 14 days.

Life Changer

14 DAYS or more

After 14 days of Yoga, Muay Thai, Strength and Conditioning workouts, kayaking, optimized eating, beach walks and relaxing poolside you will be wonderfully aware of how dramatically your body has changed, and changed based on your objectives.

To evaluate these changes, we use the BIODY® coach*, a revolutionary Bioimpedance-meter. We will be able to compare results and see how much fat you will have lost and muscle you will have gained. We will log each training session for you so you will be able to review all the key performance markers to support your compositional analysis.

Remember this, the longer you stay, the greater your transformation will be.

*In order to obtain a scientifically valid result, the measurements between two bioimpedance meter analysis must be spaced at least 14 days apart.