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The Cross Method is the culmination of 5 years of research to develop a method that we wanted to be accessible to everyone, scalable and that meets 2 expectations:

  • To burn as much fat as possible without disrupting the metabolism
  • A workout program that is not location specific and that requires minimum equipment



A nutritional guideline

Nutrition is the most important part to a healthy life and a sustainable weight loss or muscle gain diet. But it doesn’t have to be overly complicated! Follow our nutritional guideline and see your body change.


A smart system of progression

No progress, No results. That’s why we developed a smart method of progression that will allow you to constantly evolve with no plateau and make sure you reach your goal.


A huge variety of workout

We have found that the best training plan is a combination of cardio (HIIT) and resistance workout. We have then designed more than 40 workouts that focus on the same objective: lose fat and build strength.


75 detailed exercises

Each exercises used in The Cross Method comes with a detailed description and photos to help ensure proper form.


Meet Serge


For more than 15 years, I have helped hundreds of people.

It's now your turn!

I'm Serge, co-author of the book The Cross Method and founder of Training Paradise.

“If I could reach my goal, everyone can do it!”

Born in France, I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and Nutrition. Thanks to a strong motivation, patience and knowledge, I succeeded in my own body transformation.


Why The Cross Method

It was therefore natural for me to use this experience and my expertise to help others achieving their goals. I specialized in weight loss and body transformation and became a happy owner of a fitness center for women where I supported hundreds of clients along their wellness journey.

After realizing how difficult it was for people to reach their goals (because of the pitfalls of the fitness and weight loss industry) I developed with my friend Laurent Vigroux, an effective training method : “The Cross Method”.

And now…

Since 2013, my wife Kathleen and I are based in Phuket, Thailand where we manage Training Paradise, an amazing Weight Loss and Fitness Holiday retreat where I train people using the fundamental principles of The Cross Method. We welcome people from all around the world who want to get back in shape, lose some weight or disconnect from their hectic routine.

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By Serge Fontrier and Laurent Vigroux

Like hundreds of people before you,

trust my expertise.


Yasmina lost more than 40 kilos over the last 10 years and had an amazing body transformation. After years of focussing on her career and not on her health, Yasmina gained a lot of weight until she realised her health was in danger. She decided to react and that was the best decision of her life! She met Serge during a Fitness holiday in Thailand when she was struggling to lose the last kilos and then came back several times at Training Paradise.


“Serge helped me when I thought I was stuck with my weight and fitness level. He knows when to push me during Fitness classes and I learnt a lot from him regarding nutrition. I am now the best at meal preparation! I eat healthy, I cook my own food and I feel so much healthier! My weight is now stable but I keep on coming at Training Paradise as Serge’s support is always much appreciated, it gives me a kick and always reminds me that focusing on my health was the best thing to do.”


Marc is a very busy Londoner who came at Training Paradise to improve his strength and aerobie threshold. Being a world adventurer and experienced climber, Marc felt stuck in his physical progression and wanted to learn how to get stronger and eat accordingly to his goals. After being trained by Serge and following his nutrition advice, Marc learnt so much and in only 3 weeks the results on his strength were amazing!


“What Serge has created at Training Paradise is completely unique, special and that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. Sometimes I lack a bit of discipline when I’m training and here that is taken care of. Discipline is one the hardest things to get when you’re training, but when someone is creating that discipline for you it takes all the excuses out of it. A huge thank you to Serge and the team, I’ve reached my goals, I’ve exceeded my goals, I got a lot stronger physically and mentally.”


Clare is an active woman living in London who needed to refocus on her health and wanted to go back on track after being inactive for a while. Being a very good tennis player, she came to Training Paradise after recovering from an injury. After 3 weeks being trained by Serge according to her Fitness level and eating a balanced and healthy diet, Clare managed to lose some weight and increase her activity level.


“The training, diet and assessments given by Serge are all done in a very scientific way… there is nothing faddish about his weight loss methods here. The sessions in the gym are very professionally run by Serge… he REALLY knows his stuff, and he gets you to work harder than you could ever do on your own. As one of the older guests it took me a while to get into the circuits and weight training, but it absolutely showed me that I could do more than I thought. I left having lost 3 kg and feeling that I was in a good place to continue what I’ve learnt back at home. Thank you!”

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    Title: The Cross Method

    Authors: Serge Fontrier and Laurent Vigroux
    Design: Serge Fontrier

    Pages: 186
    Size: A4 (287 x 210)
    Language: English
    Publication Date: December 16, 2017
    ISBN: 978-2-9559952-0-4